Affiliated Partners

When you choose NFS Apparel in Bangladesh, you are not the only working with one company or factory or most manufacturing companies, but you get an access of a team of related Green, Complacence, Accord Alliance, GOATS, WRAP, ISO, BSCI, SEDEX certified manufacturers all dedicated to the same goal of making it a great experience for you – quality goods, in-time shipment with competitive price. All with the same mission of “serving our customers to get their desire qualities where they want to ship, on time.” Below are our affiliated company lists who are delicately working for us for last 9 years.

1. Garment Factories:

A.   Knit Factories

    - Cotton Zone Ltd.

    - SB Knit Tex Ltd.

    - Arisctrocat Fashion Ltd.

B.   Woven Factories

    - Adams Apparel Ltd.


C.   Sweater Factories

    - William Sweaters Ltd.


2. Composite




3. Accessories Suppliers

    - Mollah Accessories

    - Oriental Garments Trading


4. Print Project

    - Two Sister Enterprise

    - Samia Tex Print


5. Washing Plants

    - Hawlader Wash & Dying

    - Raj Washing and Dying